No one wants to gain weight. Even if you don’t struggle to lose weight, you definitely don’t want to gain excess weight. Apple cider vinegar weight loss plan will help you to do that. Even it will help you lose weight and in a way you won’t believe.

I tried apple cider vinegar by myself and I got a wonderful results. I lost 4 pounds in one week. Previously, I wouldn’t believe about apple cider vinegar weight loss results. But now after I tried ACV personally, I can tell you about the great results you will get and the amount of pounds you will lose after only ONE week of using apple cider vinegar.

I experienced a long journey with weight loss, and over periods I lost a lot of weight and gained some.

apple cider vinegar weight loss

apple cider vinegar weight loss

I tried many plans and followed different diets. But when I discovered apple cider vinegar, I realized that I wasted a great time I could save if I knew ACV earlier.

I really got impressed, but there is some things I wish I had known before I start to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. So this article to tell you that things to get the best results using ACV for weight loss.

How to get apple cider vinegar?

There are many ways you can get apple cider vinegar through. You can prepare it manually at home in a simple way as we mentioned the preparation method in a previous article HERE. But this method takes long time up to weeks and it won’t help if you need to use apple cider vinegar urgently. This only help if you use apple cider vinegar over long periods.

apple cider vinegar weight loss

apple cider vinegar weight loss

If you are going to use apple cider vinegar weight loss at near time, then you should buy previously prepared apple cider vinegar. Take care when you buy ACV. You should buy from trusted stores and buy that one of apple cider vinegar with the mother.

How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss?

Most sources I read about apple cider vinegar from says that adding 1 tablespoon of ACV for your meal 3 times a day will give you the best results of apple cider vinegar weight loss. But I got my results by doubling the dose of apple cider vinegar. I added 2 tablespoons of ACV to my meals three times a day.


apple cider vinegar weight loss

apple cider vinegar weight loss

There is a different ways to add apple cider vinegar to meals. You may drink it separately before meals but you should mix it with a cup of water equals to 8 ounces of water. or you can add directly to any kind of food, you may add to a cup of lemon juice.

Does apple cider vinegar weight loss really worked?

Before I start to drink apple cider vinegar, I read about a study was done on a group of Japanese people to see effect of apple cider vinegar on weight loss. Two groups were divided and the same food was provided and they allowed to do the same daily activity.

The first group used apple cider vinegar with meals while the other group used placebo. After 2 weeks after the end of study they noticed that the first group showed marked weight loss while the other doesn’t.

Now I started to use apple cider vinegar at the beginning of the week. After day 1 there is no notable weight loss but after day 2 I noticed that I lost 1 pound. Among the next days across the week I lost the rest 3 pounds. At the end of the experiment after the 7th day I lost 4 pounds from my weight.

There is an important point you should know. Apple cider vinegar is not a super food that will shed the fat from your body while you eat a large amounts of food full of carbs and fat. NO you should eat healthy food and no matter the amount but not too much. An extra tip try to do some sports across the day to get the best results from apple cider vinegar weight loss.

For me apple cider vinegar weight loss worked and gave me a good results. I still use ACV till now even it is not for weight loss but to help me not to gain extra weight, you should try by yourself.

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