When we talk about apple cider vinegar weight loss benefits, we are not making a cheap ad which makes promises that can’t keep. It’s a fact and proven by science that apple cider vinegar has great weight loss results and benefits. Not only for weight loss but also for general health. 10 FACTS ABOUT APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WEIGHT LOSS

Experts say that apple cider vinegar has tons of health benefits from aid in weight loss to skin and hair. The idea of benefits of ACV is that acetic acid formed during fermentation process help to burn fat, and reduce appetite. So it boost your diet and help you to lose weight.

  • apple cider vinegar reduce blood glucose levels

Nutrition department at Arizona state university made a study, the results proved that drinking apple cider vinegar prior to high carbohydrate meal reduce spikes of glucose in blood. That usually occur after meals, that’s is not only good for weight loss but it’s useful for overall health. Certainly that boost apple cider vinegar weight loss program.

  • Apple cider vinegar lower insulin levels

it’s proved that apple cider vinegar alter insulin to glucagon ratio. ACV lowers insulin level that utilize glucose as a source of energy, and increase level of glucagon which utilize fat as a source of energy. Glucagon release fat from its storage sites and use it for energy production. That decrease total body fat which is a great benefit of apple cider vinegar weight loss.

  • Apple cider vinegar gives you the feeling of fullness

A Swedish study conducted on a small group of people revealed that those who added ACV to their meal reported the sense of fullness for longer times than those people who didn’t consume apple cider vinegar. Feeling of fullness for longer times makes you eat less that help in losing weight. Thanks to this apple cider vinegar weight loss great benefit.

  • ACV improves metabolism functions

A group of scientists did a study on rats drinking apple cider vinegar supplied to them with meals. This study revealed that there is proven increase in the levels of an enzyme called AMPK, that enzyme proved to increase fat burning and decrease fat production in the liver. That is good for metabolism.

  • Apple cider vinegar control your appetite

Acetic acid which is the main component of apple cider vinegar control glucose level in blood. Maintenance of glucose level in blood decrease carving for food. An extra benefit is that ACV slow pass down of food from stomach. Which makes food stay much longer in stomach and help in lowering carving for eating more. I think this is the best apple cider vinegar weight loss benefit.

  • Apple cider vinegar help you to lose fat

We said that apple cider vinegar help to lower blood glucose level, lower insulin level, reduce appetite and carving for food. This all work to shed fat from body. This is not a theory but it is the results of a study done on a group of Japanese people using apple cider vinegar in different doses. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WEIGHT LOSS: LOSE 4 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK

Group 1 used 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day, while group 2 used 1 tablespoon of ACV three times a day. At the end of the study they found that people in group 1 lost more pounds than those in group 2. Apple cider vinegar weight loss is a proven fact according to previous study.

Eating an apple a day was a great habit among centuries that needs to be back again. As apple cider vinegar weight loss works through its great properties as it has higher minerals and vitamins than any other vinegar. Discover more about Apple Cider Vinegar HERE